The Training Center at Petropolis offers comprehensive Obedience and Lifestyle Training for dogs of all breeds and personalities.

TrainingAt Petropolis, we train dogs to become happy, healthy members of your family and the community. We offer a program to meet the needs of every dog and owner. Our knowledgeable staff of Professional Trainers bring over 65 years of combined experience ensuring that you and your dog will receive qualified, effective instruction at every level.

Beginning with a Behavioral Conference with one of our dog training staff, your dog will be matched with a training program that suits your lifestyle, your dogs personality and style of learning, and your family's budget. Call today to schedule your pet's introduction to The Training Center at

Petropolis. 859-371-PET1

Our training programs include:

JumpStart Puppy programs- The Training Center at Petropolis offers new dog owners informative and fun training opportunities in a safe playgroup setting during your dog's most formative periods. We teach owners how to develop stronger bonds with their puppies while laying important building blocks for the future- ensuring you a well-behaved dog you will enjoy for many years to come. This private puppy pre-school allows your puppy and family to learn basic behaviors important to all dog/owner relationships. $50

3-2-1 Puppy Package- This package offers the most complete early education opportunities for puppies of all ages. Early training and socialization is a key ingredient for your dog's success. Each puppy receives 3 group puppy classes which focus on early education, obedience, and the keys to raising a great dog. Also included are 2 visits to The Playplace at Petropolis to ensure that your dog is developing well-rounded social skills. Each participant also receives a $10 certificate good for a purchase in our retail shop. Classes are limited so call today to pre-register! $99Training

We Train programs- Your pet is trained by  professionals at The Petropolis Pet Hotel in an all-inclusive package which includes professional training, lodging at The Pet Hotel, bathing services at The Spa, and  instruction for owners in The Training Center to integrate your dog's new behaviors prior to returning to your home. Perfect for professionals, on-the-go dog owners, or anyone who desires a well-trained pet! Our most popular program, this two-week course includes a comprehensive education for your pet and regular follow-up sessions with owners to incorporate the new behaviors into your lifestyle. $800 (2 week)/ $400 (1 week) :

You Train programs- You receive regular training instruction in The Training Center at Petropolis with your pet. Great option for Do-It-Yourselfers! Packages range from $50-$200.

Anti-Aggression programs- Comprehensive We Train programs which include desensitization and tolerance training for dogs. This all-inclusive program include training, lodging at The Pet Hotel, bathing services at The Spa, and regular instruction for owners in The Training Center throughout the program. Private pricing depending upon severity of behavior issues.

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