The Playplace at Petropolis is a place where dogs romp, play, and enjoy being a dog! Whether you are a busy dog owner who would like to come home to a tired, happy pet, or simply want to provide opportunities for your dog to enjoy being a dog- this is the service for you. The Playplace offers prescreened doggie play groups matched according to size, personality, and behaviors. Dogs enjoy unrestricted romps together and with staff members who are experienced and dedicated to tPlayheir care. At the Playplace, dogs are never restricted to kennels or confined alone during play hours. Each pet is screened for appropriate play behaviors. Visits to The Playplace are able to be added as an ala carte service to visitors to The Pet Hotel as well.

The Playplace at Petropolis Rates:
1 visit - $15/per dog/day
10 visits-  $130
20 visits-  $240

Pet Hotel/ The Spa visit- $10 (Pets who are staying at The Pet Hotel or visiting The Spa can enjoy visits to The Playplace while they are on-site for other services.)

Dog Days of Summer

New! Due to high demand-  we now offer 5 day/week visits for a package price of $50/week!