Mission Statement:

Empathy — walking in other people’s shoes Empathy begins with paying close attention to the world around us. We will strive to listen and respond to the needs of our customers, employees and all animals. We will care for each pet as if it were our own.

Originality — being authentic and innovative We  will offer innovative services to pets and their owners designed to establish ourselves as the leading provider in our market area. We will strive to create a unique employment environment which fosters profitability, ethics, and community. Pets

Integrity — doing the right thing Integrity means doing right by our customers, employees, company and society as a whole. Ethical conduct and social responsibility characterize our way of doing business. We will foster an environment of respect, commitment, tolerance, and caring toward all living creatures.

Knowledge— pride comes through enlightenment We shall strive for the highest level of skills to allow us to best serve our owners and pets successfully, efficiently, and with pride. We will foster a community which seeks to share educate owners, pets, and employees.

The Petropolis Pet Hotel

The Petropolis Pet Hotel provides pet care  services in a resort-like atmosphere. Owners  may rest assured that their pets are being  well-cared for in a safe, clean, and  conscientious manner during their absence.  The Hotel >>

The Spa at Petropolis

Petropolis proudly presents The Spa- a  spacious full service grooming salon for  pets of all shapes, sizes, and creeds.  Professionals you can trust, our stylists are experienced and caring.  The Spa >>


The Training Center 

The Training Center at Petropolis offers  comprehensive Obedience and Lifestyle  Training for dogs of all breeds and  personalities.  At Petropolis, we train dogs to become  happy, healthy members of your family and the community.  The Training Center >>